About Us

Light Frame – Artists, Producers and Creators



"Light Frame" was established in 2017 by Mwafaq Udeh and a group of leading, young and talented professionals with extensive TV and Film experience.

Our specialties

"Light Frame" specializes in television production, documentary production and commercial advertisements production for published and social media.

What sets us apart?

Extensive experience in television and documentary production, in collaboration with major local and international television channels.

In addition, producing high-level promotional videos, ads for public institutions and the private sector, campaign ads for parties running for the Knesset and local elections. These campaigns have received positive feedback and wide circulation.

What do we offer?

"Light Frame" provides various service packages designed for customers' needs and desires: whether in direct communication with TV channels or commercial companies, or indirectly through production and advertising companies at a local and international level. We will accompany the client from idea development and creative stage to presenting the desired final product.

Our services include: production, directing, photography and montage in the following areas:

  1. TV production.
  2. Commercial advertising includes: Production of advertisements, marketing videos and videos intended for promotion on the Internet.
  3. Documentary production.

Our clients:

  • Israeli Broadcasting Authority "KAN".
  • Al Jazeera channel.
  • "MAKAN" channel.
  • Chinese television.
  • CCTV channel.
  • "Musawa" channel.
  • "Al Arabi" channel.
  • LPM - Government Advertising Bureau
  • Production companies including: "Fuchsia" Ltd., "Hanan Peretz" Ltd.
  • Political parties including: the joint list, the united Arab list and the joint list.
  • Local authorities and councils, including: Kfar Manda Council, Shefar'am Municipality, Nazareth Municipality and Haifa Municipality
  • Organizations and associations of civil society, including: Sikui, Avraham Initiatives.

Why choose "Light Frame"?

"Light Prime" is characterized by a professional team with extensive experience and the provision of comprehensive and diverse services, which has led it to be chosen by many institutions and commercial interests, providing sustainable production services.

"Light Frame" adapts the expertise of its professional team to a production that combines professionalism, high technology, modernity and a young spirit in accordance with the current requirements; Its success is reflected in the reactions of its customers and the general public, and the high viewing percentages achieved by all productions.

"Light Frame" provides high-quality service packages, working with available budget, believing in its team's ability to provide the best product under your budget.

Glimpse on our Projects

Light Frame – Artists, Producers and Creators

Abdallah Daraa - Director, Camera man

Graduated from Kinneret College in Tiberias. in Film and Television With 10 years experience.

Deeb Amouri - Soundman

Composer and music producer, educated at Kinneret College in Tiberias. With 4 years experience.

Eva Spitkovski - Sound Engineer

Graduater From Moskow and worked for years in the state radio there. with 27 years experience.

Fadi Qupti - Camera Man, Editor

Graduated from Tel-Hai College in Film and Television. With 5 years experience.

Saher Zidane - Graphic Designer

First degree from the University of Haifa. With 10 years experience.

Mustafa Kadah - Camera man

First degree in Film and Television at Tel Aviv University, director and camera man. With 7 years' experience.

Mohamed Faaor - Camera Man Assistant

Graduate from Al-Qafza School. with 5 years experience.

Samia Sharabati - Editor

Graduated from Al-Qafza School in photography. With two years of experience.

Majd Manaa - Editor

Studied at SAE Amman college in Jordan. Has several experiences in documentaries, advertisements, and short and long films. With 7 years' experience.

Mwafaq Odeh - Director, Producer

Producer and Ceo of Light Frame production company. Graduated from Yezreel Valley College With 16 years experience.

Mohamad Tmesh - Director, DOP

Studied at Camera Obscura in Tel Aviv. Has several experiences in news reports, documentaries, advertisements, and short films. With 10 years of experience.